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85029 Blue Pram Collection

85029 Blue Pram Collection

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Enjoy walks with the little one of the house and his baby doll, thanks to this new Martin Folding Doll Carriage from DeCuevas Toys, a car with great features for unparalleled adventures. This great item has been made of high-quality and durable materials, with a folding structure to facilitate storage when it is not in use or to be transported, as well as endless advantages such as the hood and sunshade to protect from the sun, the backpack for the little ones and many more surprises.

Now going for a walk with the family takes on more color and fun, the stroller is very easy to handle and its realistic design makes it a luxury toy.

- Data to take into account:

Approximate dimensions of the cart:60 cm high (to the handlebar) x 38 cm wide x 65 cm long.

The pack includes: Martin line folding dolls cart with backpack, parasol, pillow, garland of stuffed animals and stuffed animal for the baby.

Important: Toy doll not included in the pack, it is sold separately.


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