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Children’s SlipFree® Swim and Boat Shoes

Here at Fallons Kids, we want to make sure your child’s water shoes are safe and comfortable around slippery surfaces. Our Slipfree® swim shoes range will have them upright and ready for adventure!

SlipFree® means Safety!

Our patented SlipFree® shoe range are designed and tested with safety in mind. The non-slip soles help prevent slipping and falling on both wet and dry surfaces. Whether you’re at the local pool or visiting the seaside, it’s so important for children to be protected and feel comfortable in their water shoes.

How often do you find yourself shouting 'Don't Run!' around swimming pools and other slippery surfaces? Slipfree® offer the protection children need and the peace of mind for parents in those moments of excitement and adventure!

SlipFree® means Sun Friendly!

The Fallons Kids range of SlipFree® boat shoes offer non-slip protection and protection from the sunny weather too! Our high-tech sole protects feet from burning when the sand or floor is hot, so no more hopping quickly in pain to get to your destination!

Protect your child’s feet from slipping and falling, burning on hot surfaces, and from the sun's harmful rays, all in one stylish swim shoe. Slipfree® shoes are rated UPF 50+ to ensure their feet are protected in every way possible.

SlipFree® means Comfortable!

Ever struggle to wrestle your children into water shoes and then hear them say 'my shoes are hurting?' Slipfree® children’s shoes are soft, flexible, and extremely comfortable. They are designed to shape around and support the feet for that barefoot feeling.

They can be worn all day in and out of the water and because they are so light. When in the water children can actually swim without realising they still have them on! The elasticated stretchy fit allows children to easily wear and take off themselves and helps keep out sand and pebbles.

SlipFree® means Stylish!

At Fallons Kids, we don’t believe parents should have to pick between a safe water shoe and a stylish one. That’s why our range of SlipFree® boat shoes come in a variety of unique patented designs in many exclusive fun and colourful Slipfree® prints.

From mermaid and unicorn chic to dinosaur and alligator roars, we’re sure to have a pattern and style that your child loves.

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Slip Free

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