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73808 Nica Baby Doll

73808 Nica Baby Doll

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Baby doll Nica 42 cm produced by the Spanish brand Llorens is a doll that resembles a real baby in its appearance. This similarity is ensured by her round, slightly flushed cheeks, a tiny nose and a charming dimple in the chin. Nica Doll has been equipped with a pink luxury sleeping bag in for which is convertible to a bag.

The whole body of the doll is made of vinyl pleasant to the touch, so we can bathe the doll by immersing it in water up to the level of the neck. Nico has folds like a real baby and a marked gender. The doll is packed in a decorative cardboard box, the pacifier in the set has a decorative function. We love Spanish Llorens dolls!

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