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60828 Babyto Beige Elegance Doll (WEIGHTED DOLL)

60828 Babyto Beige Elegance Doll (WEIGHTED DOLL)

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ELEGANCE 35 CM BABYTO doll dressed in one-piece pyjamas and a teddy bear hat with matching blanket. Its weight is so realistic that it feels like a real baby. Includes dummy.

We have fallen in love with this baby's face! The little ones at home will love looking after him and giving him all the cuddles in the world. He is very sweet and affectionate but his most special feature is that he weighs the same as a real baby. His body is made of fabric and his limbs of vinyl, soft to the touch with a light vanilla scent.
His pyjamas and blanket in light colours are made of high quality fabrics.

Includes dummy.

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