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2111 Fernando Tan Boys Shoe

2111 Fernando Tan Boys Shoe

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The important info: A timeless classic T-bar with side buckle fastening. These beautifully constructed wide-fitting shoes are perfect for any occasion (unless that occasion happens to involve a football!).  

The upper shoe and lining of the Fernando T-bar shoes are 100% leather allowing for breathability. They offer the utmost comfort and flexibility needed to support natural foot movement and development. The soles also include non-slip inserts which provide extra grip and help prevent little feet from slipping.

The not so important info: Made from leather so soft that rumour has it, the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom” is due to change to “soft as a pair of Fernando shoes”…maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the point, they’re soft.

Sizing info: The Fernando T-bar shoe comes in sizes 16 (0 UK) to 26 (8.5 UK), suiting baby boys aged between one and three years old.

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