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Nines Artesanals D'Onil

1101 PINK Hair Styles Larger Cotton Candy Doll

1101 PINK Hair Styles Larger Cotton Candy Doll

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About this product

Our Mias cotton candy dolls are the most beautiful novelty that we bring you this year, we warn you that they are a sure success. Her characteristic hair makes this doll have a thousand and one possibilities of hairstyles, if you apply heat with a dryer at a low temperature, you will see how her hair changes to more curly.
It has a vinyl body, they can be bathed. They incorporate fabrics such as plumeti, muslin and cotton, making these dolls a real cucada.
They are 30cm in size and are collectible.
They are presented in a kraft case with a super nice window.
Made 100% in Spain in a traditional way.


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