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74008 Turbin Heart Crying Doll

74008 Turbin Heart Crying Doll

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 Mimi's Laughing doll measures 42 cm.

Comes with blanket.

The arms, legs and head are made of soft-touch vinyl, while the belly is made of fabric. After pressing the tummy, the doll will start to lcry.

In our manufacture, we believe that having fun is the best science. Therefore, with great love, we create the iconic Llorens dolls, 100% hand-made, with unique patterns.

The fabrics we use come from renowned brands of children's clothing.

All Llorens dolls comply with European child safety regulations, which ensures that your children play in the safest possible way.

The arms and legs are movable, so we can easily arrange the doll as we want. The doll is packed in a decorative box

Dummy is included.

We love Spanish Llorens dolls!

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