38348 Joelle Crying Doll With Leggings



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Joelle's crying doll is 38 cm tall. The mouth, handles and legs are made of a delicate, pleasant to the touch vinyl, and the belly is soft, which makes the doll perfect for hugging. Dark blue eyes, a tiny nose, ears, small red lips and chubby cheeks are the features of this doll. He never part with his beloved pacifier when someone wants to take him away, she will cry and call "Mama", "Pappa", she calms down as she puts the pacifier in her mouth.

The doll has thick blonde hair with fringe and two ponytails topped with pink hair elastics. Joelle is dressed in a warm, powdery pink wool sweater with a tassel and a satin bow, a warm wool jacket with a hood lined with a white teddy bear lining, long plush pants in a shade of dusty pink and warm socks to match the set. The doll is packed in a decorative box, so without unnecessary additional packaging, it can be presented as a gift