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How Fallons Kids started...

From an oil rig to children's shoes.

Fallon's Kids started back in 2016 when my twin boys turned 1 years old and I couldn't go back to my job working away in the oil industry.

I started importing childrens Spanish shoes that were new to the UK and now have many top brands such as Bambi, TNY, Xiquets, Andanines, Fofito and Borboleta. 

I then decided to start importing Spanish dolls, toys and Spanish doll prams and can proudly say that I was one of the first stores in the UK to sell these. 

Each year we try to bring the newest styles and innovations into our store and I spend so many hours researching new suppliers to bring the best Spanish dolls and doll prams that I can to my customers.  

Growing each year and back in 2018 both myself and my sister Nicola (who sells childrens clothing) opened a retail store in Coatbridge that we share.  

We stock a huge selection of childrens clothing, shoes, Spanish dolls and dolls prams and try to give the best customer service to our customers.  
I studied business at University for 4 years and I use the knowledge I gained from my degree everyday when building Fallons